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Large Wire EDM & Sinker EDM

Troy Tool & Design, LLC specializes in wire, large wire and sinker Electric Discharge Machining. EDM has significant advantages compared with conventional machining. Precision parts or tools that are tough or impossible to machine by conventional methods are easily and accurately machined by this EDM process.
All electrically conductive materials such as hardened tool steel, carbide, and tough nickel alloys can be accurately machined by the EDM process. Detail as fine as 16µin can be obtained with precision down to 0.0002” for the wire EDM, while the sinker EDM can obtain similar accuracy with a 32 µin finish. Troy Tool can polish the EDMed finish taking the surface down to a #2 mirror, if required. Troy Tool & Design LLC can slice through material nearly 20 inches thick with our new Sodick AG 600LH wire EDM machine.